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    4 Elements Plumbing  are experts in clearing blocked drains in Sydney, our plumbers have the experience and the knowledge not only to fix your blocked drain, but to get to the underlying cause of the problem and ensure that you don’t incur future problems and cost.

    We have the right equipment and technology on board our vehicles for drain inspections, including a high pressure water jetter (jet blaster) to unblock your drain. Our CCTV cameras help us determine the problem and pinpoint its location as well as providing a detailed video report of the inspection.

    All of our completed work comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be assured that you will receive high quality service from all our blocked drains Sydney plumbers. We have an average 5 star review rating across all online review platforms, including WOMO, Google, OneFlare and Service Seeking.

    Common causes of blocked drains

    The early warning signs of a blocked drain include;

    • Gurgling sounds as water is being flushed
    • Slow drainage of sinks and toilets
    • Overflow and bad smells

    The usual causes of blocked drains include;

    • Foreign objects including hair, grease, women’s sanitary products, wet wipes and food scraps
    • Tree roots entering the drain
    • Collapsed pipes due to movement in the ground, large tree roots crushing the pipe and poor installation

    Blockages can occur inside or outside the home, those inside are usually a blocked toilet, a blocked kitchen sink, a blocked shower drain or a blocked bath drain. These blockages are usually easier and cheaper to fix than those located in the main drain pipes. The blockages outside will occur in the main drains, being the sewer drains or stormwater drains. Outside blockages need to be cleared using our specialist equipment.

    Some blockages may benefit from the process of pipe relining, which is an option if you have tree roots that continually block your drain or old pipes that you don’t want to replace.

    Signs of a blocked drain

    If you’re not sure whether your drain is blocked, it helps to familiarise yourself with common signs. Most people notice a blocked drain when there’s a suspicious smell coming from sinks and other such areas. Other signs that your drain is blocked include:

    Gurgling sounds

    When there’s a blockage in your drain, the water that flows through its pipes will struggle to move smoothly. As it tries to make its way around the blockage, it may produce a gurgling sound. If there’s a delay to that gurgling sound after you’ve run water down your sink, it may be that the blockage isn’t local. When this is the case, you’ll need a blocked drains plumber.

    Water failing to drain

    Sometimes blockages are so big, they prevent your water from draining properly. If they’re wide enough to stop water from flowing smoothly, you may notice it pooling in your sink after you pull the plug. Unfortunately, those types of blockages only get worse. As your blockage grows bigger, you may find that your sink won’t drain at all.

    Sewage flowing upwards

    As a blockage symptom that many people dread, sewage that flows upwards is rarely pleasant to deal with. In addition to smelling pretty bad, it’s a hygiene hazard. If you’re suffering because of a sewage hazard, you should call a plumber immediately.

    If you notice any of the signs above, make sure you reach out to an emergency plumber for assistance promptly.

    Self-help techniques when you’re dealing with a blockage

    If you suspect the blockage is small, you may want to try a drain unblocking solution. They’re available in a lot of supermarkets. In a lot of cases, they’re also quite potent, which means you should only use yours in a well-ventilated area. Some people prefer to leave them in overnight, then chase them with hot water in the morning.

    Dealing with a blockage is never fun. If you can’t manage the task alone, it’s better to call a professional. With drain blasting and inspections available, we can identify your blockage and tackle it in no time. To arrange an appointment, contact us.

    Sydney Blocked Drain Solutions

    Our blocked drains Sydney plumbing experts will investigate your problem as soon as possible, as not clearing a blocked drain quickly will only make the problem a lot worse. We have a fixed price to clear your blocked drain, so you can be assured of the cost before we start the job. 

    Once we arrive at your home or business, we will evaluate the problem with our CCTV camera, which inspects the drain and locates the source of the problem. Once the source of the problem is determined we can clear the drain. If you need further work completed, we will inform you of this and the costs associated right away.



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      5 STAR RATED

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