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4 Elements Plumbing can clear your Sydney blocked drain using our high pressured water jetter (jet blasting) machines. Jet blasting is the latest drain clearing technology available and will unblock your drain quickly and efficiently. This technology pumps water  through a long and flexible hose attachment using a high powered motor. It can clear even the toughest drain blockages that are caused by wet wipes. (that are not flushable!)tree roots, sanitary products, hair, grease and other kitchen waste items. The water jetter will flush out the entire length of your pipe as the hose reaches right through the drain. Your drain will then be cleared and all your pipes cleaned throughly, which will prevent in being blocked up again for awhile. The only exception is tree roots, whereby the blockage may return at a later date in the future and require pipe relining which is a long term solution. We offer a lifetime labour guarantee on all completed work and offer fixed prices to clear your blocked drain. Our reputation is important to us and we are five star rated across multiple review platforms, read some of our reviews here.

Jet blasting is able to clear almost all types of drain blockages including toilets, kitchen sinks and showers. However it’s extremely effective to clear those bigger blockages outside your home including stormwater lines and sewer mains. Suggested other items that may be able to clear blocked drains are electric eels, chemicals you buy at the supermarket and using are plunger will just not be able to get to these tough blockages, and most likely even the simple blockages will quickly return if you use these methods.


The benefits of jet blasting your blocked drain

  • No digging is required which saves mess on your property
  • It clears even the toughest of blockages, which is usually tree roots
  • They are eco friendly machines
  • Does not use harsh chemicals to clear the blockage
  • Minimal disruption to your home or business
  • It does not damage pipes
  • The jet blaster cleans the whole pipe thoroughly


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One of our jet blasting Sydney specialists can come to your home or business to assess the blockage at very short notice, and then clear the problem quickly and efficiently. Call us today on 1300 790 930 for a free quote.

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