Tree Roots Block Sydney Drains
Beautiful big trees add beauty and shade to our homes, however their root systems can cause huge damage to underground stormwater and sewer pipes. Tree roots are one of the most common causes of blocked Sydney drains, and unfortunately most people do not know they have tree roots in their drain pipes, until it is...
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Blocked Drain Kitchen Sink
Blocked drains in the kitchen sink is a common plumbing problem in Sydney households. If you notice a weird smell coming from under the sink or your kitchen sink is not draining properly, or taking a long time to do so, then you probably have a blocked drain. With just a little more care you...
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Possum North Manly
Plumber Gas Fitter Surprised by Possum Emergency A couple of weeks ago Luke of 4 Elements Plumbing received a phone call about an unusual plumbing emergency in North Manly. The lady on the other end of the phone was worried as she had been hearing constant noises from behind her gas fireplace, she said she...
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Whole House Water Filters
  Whole house water filters are becoming increasingly popular due to a number of unwanted substances that are found in our tap water. Do you know what is in your water? If you are drinking tap water, there will be; Chemicals, including chlorine Sediments – silt, dirt, sand, mud, algae and rust Heavy metals A...
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Leaking Pipes
Water leaks (largely leaking taps) are one of the most common plumbing problems you will most likely face in your household. Many people attempt to fix the problem themselves or think that fixing a leaking tap, pipe, toilet or shower head is not an urgent problem that needs fixing straight away. Unfortunately what most don’t...
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