Possum Emergency for Plumber Gas Fitter in North Manly

Plumber Gas Fitter Surprised by Possum Emergency

A couple of weeks ago Luke of 4 Elements Plumbing received a phone call about an unusual plumbing emergency in North Manly.

The lady on the other end of the phone was worried as she had been hearing constant noises from behind her gas fireplace, she said she thought that there may have been a bird or some other animal trapped behind it. Before anyone could get behind the frame of the fireplace to see what was trapped inside, she needed a plumber gas fitter to come out to her home urgently to disconnect the gas connection.

Luke arrived at North Manly very quickly to turn the gas connection off. The fireplace had not been used in some time, and the timber frame was burnt and damaged. This was due to the fireplace not being installed correctly, so it was in fact quite dangerous and  was a safety hazard to the occupants of the home. But first things first, whatever was lurking behind the fireplace had to be removed.

Once the gas connection had been turned off, Luke was surprised to say the least when he turned on his torch he discovered what appeared to be a possum sleeping in its nest behind the fireplace. It had made itself very comfortable behind the fireplace.

The customer had to then call the animal rescue emergency team to come and rescue the possum from behind the fireplace, unfortunately by the time they got there the possum had died.

Plumber Gas Fitter

This particular example of the gas fireplace not being installed correctly, highlights the reasons why you should use you a licensed plumber for the installation and repair of gas fittings in and around the home. If you try and attempt to carry out gas work yourself, or allow someone who is not fully qualified to attempt the job, you are risking the safety of you and your family or friends in the household, and you will void your insurance on said works.

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