Outdoor showers may be seen as an expensive luxury item on your property, however they are becoming more popular each year. They are a great investment for your home, and have the potential to increase its value. There is something refreshing about taking an outdoor shower when you arrive home from the beach, or on a hot summers nights under the stars! Perfect for the Australian climate, an outdoor shower is something that will last 25 to 30 years without updates.

Where should you put an outdoor shower?

You can place an outdoor shower wherever you think will be most convenient for you in the outside space on your property. If you have a pool, you might wish to have it close to it, so people may shower before and after swimming. If you want to use it mostly after you arrive back from the beach, away from the house may be better to avoid sand near the entrance to your doors or inside your home.  If you want to use it instead of your indoor shower in summer, perhaps on a deck would be a good position for it.

An outdoor shower has pipes that extend to the ground in a straight line, this enables you to install a freestanding shower with a supportive framework. If you want to install a shower against a wall, it’s best to use a short surface shower with piping that is exposed from under the handle to the shower head.

Outdoor Shower Australia

Which style of shower are best?

When choosing a style, remember that the shower will be exposed to all of the elements, including, wind, dust, sunlight and rain. You want the materials to be weather resistant, strong and low maintenance. Shower heads come in all different materials many similar to bathroom fixtures, and include antique copper shower heads, polished copper, brass shower heads, chrome and even matte black shower heads. The actual style of the shower really depends on what style your house is, and you want it to blend in with the environment, so it doesn’t stand out too much in the wrong way.

What are the main considerations when installing an outdoor shower?

Plumbing: You need to hire an experienced plumber to install your outdoor shower, they will need to access the exisiting plumbing in your home, and figure out how to connect your outdoor shower to the pipes in the location you would like on your property.

Hot or Cold Water: For extra cost, you may also be able to add hot water, which means you can use the shower for a longer time period during the year.

Drainage: This is very important, so that mud and debris does not build up around the shower floor, the plumber should be able to make sure of this. Make sure you choose pavers or tiles suitable for drainage purposes.

Privacy: You will want to make sure that your shower is private from your neighbours, and possibly even from those inside the house, depending on your circumstances! This can be achieved by shrubs and plants around the shower, which will also give the area more of a natural feel. The other option if using some breeze blocks which will still allow airflow and light to enter, but allow you some privacy.

If you have a pool in your backyard close to the shower, you may want to put a have a pathway from the pool to the shower, so as not to get grass or dirt in the shower.

Other tradesman: You may also need a tiler, or builder to help with a shower wall, flooring or enclosing it, depending on your design.

If you have a pool in your backyard close to the shower, you may want to put a have a pathway from the pool to the shower, so as not to get grass or dirt in the shower.

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Hiring the right plumber to install your outdoor shower

It is important you hire the right plumber to install your shower, make sure you ask them the following questions;

  • Are you licensed and insured to complete this work?
  • Are you able to provide a written and accurate quote?
  • Can they provide positive referrals?

4 Elements Plumbing are experts at assembling and installing outdoor showers in Sydney, Australia. Below is a copper shower we recently installed. For enquiries please call 1300 790 930 or email info@4elementsplumbing.com.au and we will be happy to help you.

Copper Shower

Outdoor Shower Sydney

An Outdoor Shower in Australia