What You Need To Know About Blocked Drains

Blocked drains in Sydney can be a hassle for homeowners and tenants. However, it doesn’t have to reach a point when the gross smell and water already seeps through your pipes. Here are some of the common causes of blocked drains so you can try to avoid them:

1. Tree Roots

In our many years of plumbing services in Sydney, we know how tree roots can reach drains. Since trees naturally seek moisture, their roots somehow find a way to reach a residential pipe. This is quite common if you live near bushland or there’s a tree planted right near your property.

2. Feminine And Baby Items Claiming Flushable

Flushing such items can cause havoc to the system. Using them and flushing them have been highly discouraged since they only fit in the pipe but don’t dissolve unlike the real toilet papers that are biodegrade.

3. Food Scraps, Fat, Grease, And Oil

It’s common knowledge how these things can block drains. They build up and solidify over time which results in the drain blockage most tenants experience.

4. Hair And Soap Blockages

Believe it or not, hair binds with soap and grease which make it difficult to remove. But there’s no need to worry, our plumbing services can resolve that.

5. Disintegration

Pipes deteriorating are possible, especially for older establishments and homes. We’re talking homes that may have concrete pipes, clay and terra cotta pieces. These may erode as they age which sags the pipe. Even modern pipes are not safe from deterioration. In fact, the continuous change of temperature from hot to winter poses erosion for today’s pipes.

6. Nature

Leaves, sticks, rocks, dirt, and more. These can go through the water lines and cause blockage. Fortunately, we are a plumber in Mosman that can provide service immediately.

7. Other Objects

You might have dropped something in the toilet or somehow, a foreign object got its way through the pipeline.

Warning Signs You’re About To Experience Blocked Drains In Sydney

1. When You Notice A Foul Odour

This smell commonly comes either from the sink or the bathroom. The unpleasant smell is caused by the decaying trapped debris of food, oil, and more.

2. You Hear A Gurgling Sound

When you have blocked drains, you typically hear a gurgling sound when you flush the toilet or when running the tap water. This is because of the air produced by the trapped pipes being pushed through.

3. Slow Water Drain

This is the most common indication you can observe from your kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bathtub. Soap and hair may worsen this situation since they further block the pipe.

4. Blocked Toilet

Another clear sign for blocked drains is when the water in your toilet is low. This should be a priority since it could be the main sewerage experience blockage that can result in an overflow.

We are a plumbing company serving Mosman that resolves blocked drains in Sydney and other concerns. Contact 4 Elements now for immediate action.