Clear Blocked Dra

Maintaining the drains inside and around your home is very important. Everyday household waste, hair, kitchen fats and other foreign debris gets washed down the drains in your home. All of this waste material can accumulate over time and then can cause drains to block up. If you get a plumber to check your drains on a regular basis, this can prevent large blockages occuring, and will save you a lot of money and inconvenience down the track.

How do plumbers clean your drains?

Our Sydney plumbers will use a jet blaster to clean out the drain pipes on your property. Jet blasters use high pressured water to thoroughly clean the interior walls of the pipes. They have the power to be able to remove any sort of material causing the blockage including grease, flushable wipes and tree roots. If there are no main blockages, the jet blasters will remove all sediment from the pipes and your drains will be working to 100% capacity again.


How regularly should your drains be cleaned by a plumber?

There are a variety of factors which will influence how often you should get your drains cleared, this includes how often your drains are used, and the condition of your plumbing pipes are within your property. Obviously larger houses with more occupants or commercial businesses will need their drains cleared more often. Most older homes in Sydney have old terracotta pipes which are susceptible to tree root ingress, a main cause of blockages.  If you don’t have any current problems with your drains, and your pipes are not terribly old, then we would recommend you clean them once a year to ensure your don’t get bigger issues, which can require extensive work and cause continual problems.

In the past if you have had blockages from tree roots or you suspect it is the cause, we recommend a cctv drain inspection. If you have small cracks or loose pipes the tree roots can enter your pipes again even if they have previously been cleared years prior. They will always find there back to the moist areas where the cracks remain. If you have your drains inspected we can repair the affected area by dig up or pipe-relining to prevent the problem from reoccuring.

Even small blockages can start to cause damage to your property, with sewage overflow spreading bacteria and drain flies within your home and causing damage to your carpets and floors. If your drain is already partially blocked, it’s important you speak to a plumber as soon as possible to get the drain cleared, saving yourself a complete drain blockage and extra expense.


You will usually receive some signs that you may have issues with your drain pipes, these are listed below. It is important if you have any of these signs to call your plumber for advice as soon as possible.

  1. Gurgling sounds as the water is being flushed – if you hear gurgling sounds when you are using the sink or flushing the toilet, this is a sign that the water has been restricted and is not making its way through the pipes properly.
  2. Slow drainage of sinks and toilets – if water is taking longer than normal to drain out of your bathroom and kitchen fixtures, this usually means that foreign material or debris is causing a blockage somewhere within your pipes.
  3. Overflow and bad smells – Bad smells is an indication that there are blockages developing within the pipes, it may be some food wastage or materials. If the smell if coming from multiple drains, it usually means the main sewage line is blocked.
  4. Ponding or flooding – if you are getting water ponding or flooding outside during rain periods then you have an issue with your storm water system and should have it looked at in order to prevent ongoing issues like rising damp and mould in your home.

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