Whole House Water Filters


Whole house water filters are becoming increasingly popular due to a number of unwanted substances that are found in our tap water.

Do you know what is in your water? If you are drinking tap water, there will be;

  1. Chemicals, including chlorine
  2. Sediments – silt, dirt, sand, mud, algae and rust
  3. Heavy metals

A low-cost water filter (ie. Brita) will not remove all of the above, and obviously if you only have a water filter on your kitchen sink tap, you will be exposed through other taps and showers to all of the above.

A high-quality whole house water filter is an important part of maintaining a healthy home and a very easy solution to improve your health.

A whole house water filter has many features including;

  1. Removing chemicals and sediments from all taps and showers in your household
  2. Prolongs the life of your bathroom fixtures, and appliances like your hot water heater
  3. The filters have a high flow rate, enabling water filtration with multiple water points within the household

Below are pictures of a new sediment filter ready for installation on the left, and one sediment and two carbon filters that have been removed on the right (after 4 months of being installed in Sydney home). As you can see the filters that have been removed are a distinct colour that highlights all the impurities that have been removed from the water.

The filters are quick and safe to install, and our licensed plumbers will complete the job with minimal interruption to your household and daily activities.

Contact us today on 1300 790 930 for enquiries or to install immediately, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about whole house water filters.